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Here are some of my selected works I have done lately. Feel free to check them out.

Laaddu - Mobile App

@ Boston, United State

Participate - Mobile App

@ Berlin, Germany

Angel Davis - Branding

@ Europe, Poland

ELITANT - Mobile App

@ India, Kerala

Odiko - Mobile App

@ India, Thalassery

Nazzexpress - Branding

@ UAE, Dubai


checkout what my blissful clients need to say

Maximilian Garmatsch

10y+ Senior JavaScript Developer

He was responsible for mentoring our junior designers, designing new features as well as researching and testing solutions. He followed a user-centered design approach and a problem-solving methodology with the user’s needs as a priority. In my personal opinion, I see Sajeerali’s strengths in: his conscientiousness when developing a User Experience. his calm and positive demeanor during collaboration and also his communication skills in fluent English.

Satya Nadella

Product Designer

Excellent job and it's awesome! Really, I have liked your job and it was fantastic

Bill Clark

Graphic Designer

Hey Sareejali, really nice design. Like the ! within the M. Might set it to the otherside. Opening with an ! means alarm. Ending with it gives the M more power. At least, thats my interpretation. Anyways, thank you for sharing your work.

Vijeshri B. Mistri

Web designer & Graphic Designer MissArtistico

clean, simple design... flat colors... love it..

Free DownloadPSD

New Delhi, India

Awesome Work! Totally loved the way you showcased and designed your project. It’s Impressive! :D I really appreciate your work. :) You have a potential to always do more so always continue to Improve. best of luck for your next project.

Sirine RG

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Looks really good, very clean. Keep up the good work :)