Asymmetrical Layouts (New Web Design Trend)

The age of perfect symmetry is over. While split screen designs were a big trend in 2017, that perfect half-and-half visual outline is evolving.

Designers are splitting the visual elements on the screen with a more asymmetrical grid pattern.

To make this concept work, there needs to be a distinct balance of elements so that one side of the design isn’t overpowering. Space and text elements often balance visuals to help draw the eye across the design.

And it all comes together because the designs still live on a grid, which helps keep everything organized. (The elements in the Club of the Waves design, above, is organized in such a manner which is why the asymmetrical design feels so balanced.)


Asymmetrical layouts have already gained popularity in 2017 and we can expect this trend continue in the coming year. As the CSS Grid Layout Module gets more browser support, it becomes easier to implement unusual layouts and create websites with a less framework-y look.

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